Brille Holzdesign

Solid wood eyeglass frame with integrated hinge mechanism

High-tech made in Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany

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The first WD eyewear Collection will be unveiled in Spring 2014.

The frame

Our main goal was to design and realise a high-quality solid wood eyeglass frame with an integrated functional hinge articulation matched with an extra-light geometric structure. .

The hinge

The double mechanical function of the integrated hinge allowed the eyeglass frame temple to open and close and also open and close the eyeglass frame frontal to enable the change and correct fixing of the glass in the frame. This puzzle -like mechanical hinge is in actuality a joint between the two main elements of the eyeglass frame structure - temple and frontal - without adjunctive elements, screws or plastic parts. Also, in the solid wood eyeglass frame there are no glued elements. The double function mechanism of the integrated hinge is patented and represents the main innovation of the project.


High-tech woodworking gives new possibilities in exploring and generally understanding thismaterial. Micro-wood structures with such complex geometry and fine tolerances can not beaccurately made without the advanced software and hardware technologies interference. We found ourselves from the beginning facing such a common and at the same time still unknown material and and we want to focus our energy further on developing our concept.

Why Wood?

We relish the challenge of driving through the limits of so called eternal materials rather than obsessively search for new ones. All the cultures worldwide developed such a different artistic expressions in using material wood. Basic and eternal, beautiful and warm, an incredibly wide range of kinds of wood, connecting cultures, unlimited expressive potential and fascination, are the keywords of our thinking..

The approach

We are trying to expand the material boundaries with the high-technology involvement and this with significant results. The fascination of exploring new possibilities with micro- wood structures goes beyond the fashion image and our natural approach is both artistic and analytical. We are looking forward to intercultural exchange, learning about ideas and experiences matching this theme.

Production and sustainability

We are producing our solid wood eyeglass frames in Potsdam in conjunction with Schichtwerk using wood with controlled origin.

The Retail Store Locations for WD eyewear will be released soon.

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